GORHAM, Maine — Innkeeper Matt Mattingly of Gorham, Maine, is no longer among the many American home and business property owners who dread hefty winter utility bills and fuel cost increases.

The owner of Gorham’s PineCrest Inn, a 5,500-square-foot dedicated historical landmark built in 1825, Mattingly used to cringe when it was time to add up his annual utility bills. That all changed five years ago when he installed a Baxi wall-hung gas boiler. The size of a kitchen cabinet, a Baxi Luna boiler has helped the bed and breakfast owner to save more than $6,000 a year, or 67 percent of his previous utility bills.

“My annual utility bills totaled almost $9,000 in 2008,” said Mattingly. “Oil heat was my biggest previous cost, and there was a smaller propane bill for our kitchen range and electric bill for supplemental space heaters needed to make each of the 9 guest rooms more livable.”

After analyzing the energy efficiency of the inn, local Baxi-certified installer Jim Robinson of Mainely Plumbing & Heating recommended an upgrade to a Baxi hydronic heating system. By switching from oil to natural gas and installing a Baxi boiler for all heating and domestic hot water production, the installer projected a four-year payback on the new system.

Mattingly said the boiler has saved enough to cover initial installation costs, put significant after-tax dollars back in his pocket, and enhanced his commitment to Maine’s green lodging certification program. An Energy Star appliance, a Baxi boiler produces 90 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than a conventional boiler, while achieving up to 98 percent energy efficiency, said the company.

A state of Maine Energy Efficiency Building Performance Standards study (1999) shows that energy efficiency enhancements can increase a property’s resale value by $20 for every dollar saved in annual fuel costs. Based on that study, the Baxi boiler has also helped increase PineCrest Inn’s resale value by $118,840.

Since installing his Baxi heating and domestic hot water system, Mattingly said occupancy and repeat business rates have increased.

“Our guests are amazed to learn that this small, compact boiler is providing all of the heat and domestic hot water for the inn, while making Gorham a greener place to be,” said Mattingly. “I have my Baxi and the installer and service technician to thank for bringing this 19th century landmark into the 21st century.”

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Publication date: 5/19/2014

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