Direct Expansion Solutions (DXS), a North American HVAC manufacturers' representative that specializes in variable refrigerant flow (VRF) implementation and design, has launched an online rebate tool to help Austin, Texas, customers maximize the VRF rebate from Austin Energy’s Power Saver Program.

Austin Energy’s (AE) Commercial Rebates are designed to help companies implement energy efficiency measures that can reduce electric costs by offering financial incentives to offset the initial investment. DXS helped in developing the VRF equipment rebate and has worked with Austin Energy for several years.

Since 2007, DXS has focused on VRF solutions and works with engineers, architects, and building owners. To further assist customers, DXS created the online rebate tool, allowing users to add multiple VRF systems to the calculator, determine rebates for thermostats, and calculate the final rebate based on the construction phase of the project. Customers are able to transfer the same information to the Austin Energy rebate form for submission.

According to the company, “VRF technology offers multiple benefits including energy efficiency and design, installation, and maintenance. The ability to control the flow of refrigerant throughout a building is especially beneficial to multi-tenant/mixed-use projects, allowing users to customize temperature in their zone to meet their needs and reduce energy costs. Ductless installation prevents heat loss/gain for additional savings.”

“VRF systems are quickly gaining traction in Texas thanks to their flexibility and the number of benefits they offer compared to traditional HVAC solutions, and the Austin Energy Power Saver Program makes the product financially viable to more building owners,” said Keith McLaughlin, DXS principal.

Publication date: 5/5/2014

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