FREDERICK, Md. — STULZ Air Technology Systems Inc., a manufacturer of ultrasonic humidifiers, has announced a new agreement with Culligan Matrix Solutions®, Rosemont, Ill., a division of Culligan International Co. The agreement makes Culligan the single-source provider for all water treatment products and services provided with STULZ ultrasonic humidification systems.

“STULZ pioneered the use of ultrasonic humidifiers in mission critical environments almost a quarter of a century ago and has thousands of installations in North America,” said Jim Marsh, sales manager. “By partnering with Culligan, we are now able to offer our customers better water treatment options and a uniform service experience regardless of their location.”

According to STULZ, ultrasonic humidification provides efficient, clean, and precise humidity control for a variety of applications including data processing, telecommunications, archival storage, document processing, specialty manufacturing, clean environments, agricultural processes, health care facilities, and general comfort indoor air quality. The ultrasonic humidifier’s adiabatic/evaporative technology creates a very fine mist that adds water vapor to the conditioned air. Untreated municipal or natural water supplies will generate particulate fallout during evaporation. The presence of minerals in the water supply will reduce the efficiency of the humidifier over time and may be detrimental to the environment being humidified, depending on the application.

“To ensure optimal operation, STULZ specifies a minimum water quality for use in ultrasonic humidifiers,” said Marsh. “This standard requires the last-step application of mixed bed deionization (DI) with optional pre-conditioning through reverse osmosis (RO) provided for bulk first-step mineral removal. Culligan is able to provide a full array of these engineered solutions, from stand-alone DI tanks to fully integrated skid mounted RO/DI systems.”

“Culligan products help the end-user client eliminate costly water problems by minimizing waste, maximizing performance, reducing maintenance costs, and improving the operational efficiency of their water treatment systems,” said Charles Bell, national account manager for Culligan International. “We are very excited by this partnership, and look forward to offering STULZ’s customers advanced solutions such as Culligan’s smart controller technology for reverse osmosis and water softening systems, which can be adapted to run the treatment process per the customer’s unique project specifications.”

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Publication date: 4/7/2014

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