TOKYO — Asahi Glass Co. Ltd. (AGC) has announced the development of AMOLEA™, a new refrigerant for air conditioning systems that has a global warming potential (GWP) of about one-sixth that of HFC-410A while delivering equivalent performance. AGC aims to launch commercial production in 2016.

Application of HFCs, used as a refrigerant for air conditioning systems, is being reexamined globally due to its high GWP. Regulations have already been imposed on HFCs in Europe and the use of HFCs is to be restricted in Japan beginning in 2015. In addition, the United Nations is considering limits on its use.

In line with this trend toward restricting the use of HFCs, AGC said some manufacturers of air conditioning equipment have begun to adopt lower GWP alternative refrigerants such as HFC-32.

AMOLEA is a mixed refrigerant whose main ingredient is hydrofluoroolefin HFO-1123, which has an extremely low GWP. The new refrigerant has a GWP of about half that of HFC-32 and about one-sixth the GWP of the commonly used HFC-410A. AGC said AMOLEA’s formulation will enable it to achieve both a low GWP and energy efficient, economic performance.

AGC said it will accelerate its efforts to commercialize new refrigerants and focus on developing refrigerants with even lower GWP.

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Publication date: 3/31/2014

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