Sealed Unit Parts Co. Inc.: Bonding Systems, Heat Barrier SprayThe Highside Chemicals Inc. HVAC Super Pro, Instant HVAC/R Patch, and Heat Shield Gel are available. The HVAC Super Pro can bond copper, aluminum, and brass and is compatible with all refrigerants. It is formulated to exceed the requirements for R-410A refrigerant and polyolester (POE) oils. It bonds in 3-5 minutes. The Instant HVAC/R Patch is a space-age bonding system that seals holes, cracks, and leaks. According to the company, the bonding system should only be used on the low-pressure side of systems. It is rated at 350 pounds per square inch, 200°F. The Heat Shield Gel is an all-temperature barrier spray that prevents heat damage to nearby components during soldering, brazing, or welding. It can be used on all surfaces including wood, piping, insulation, drywall, and valves, said the company.

Sealed Unit Parts Co. Inc.

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