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Is Your Website a ‘Garage Sale’ or a Marketing Tool?

Some of the websites put up by HVACR contractors are gems, chock-full of useful information presented in a graphically pleasing way. Others look like “garage sales” with lots of words and photos strewn around or piled high in a heap. Which one is yours? The best websites are designed — usually with the help of a design artist or someone who has Web design experience — to present a pleasing image, and are layed out logically to supply information in a user-friendly way.

Moisture Control and Remediation: Keys to Mold Control in Buildings

Concern is growing about potential health risks due to the presence of fungi in the buildings in which we live, work, learn, recuperate, and play. Mold control is one of the major challenges being faced today by owners and managers of buildings, with good reason: Issues related to mold include legal liability and the specter of litigation, difficulties obtaining insurance, as well as the costs associated with mold abatement. In order to grow, mold requires air, suitable temperatures, and a moist nutrient. Of those, moisture is the major contributor as a “food medium” that sustains mold.

Rooftop Systems: Tips for Maintaining Peak Performance

Just as a car or truck requires regular maintenance to keep it running over its useful life, so too do rooftop units. They require regular visual inspections, filter changes, lubrication, and other service and maintenance regimens to keep this HVAC equipment performing efficiently. The tips presented here will help you maintain large rooftop equipment (15 tons and above) for peak performance while actually reducing maintenance hours.

Btu Buddy 3: Charging a System with a Fixed Bore Orifice

Bob has received a service call from the dispatcher who said that a residence with a very sick lady is getting very hot. The homeowner needs to get his air conditioning system working again right away. It is 96°F and the lady’s bedroom is upstairs, where the heat has a tendency to migrate. Bob arrived at the job and asks the homeowner what the sequence of events was. He said that the unit was cooling yesterday, but is not doing well today.

Publication date: 3/10/2014

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