In the business of refrigeration, there have been recent developments in refrigerant research, supermarket energy-efficiency improvements, and the acquisition of a commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer.


Rheem reported it has acquired Heat Transfer Products Group (HTPG) of Scottsboro, Ala., from Monomoy Capital Partners. Rheem is a manufacturer of heating, cooling, water heating, and pool/spa heating products for both residential and commercial applications. HTPG is a manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment for the foodservice, food retail, and other nonconsumable markets.

“The acquisition is strategic for Rheem, and HTPG’s employees and customers will benefit from the partnership,” said J.R. Jones, president and CEO, Rheem. “Heat transfer technology is core to every product that both companies manufacture. Rheem and HTPG have the opportunity to combine an extensive knowledge of heat transfer technology to develop innovative new products.”

According to a statement, “One of Rheem’s immediate goals is to reinvigorate the HTPG brand with significant product development.”

“A number of Rheem customers sell heating, cooling, water heating, and refrigeration products, and many of them are also HTPG’s customers,” added Jones. “Aligning Rheem and HTPG will be a strong combination due to the common customers served and both companies having excellent reputations for quality and reliability.”

HTPG will be a standalone division of Rheem.


Danfoss has announced that the supermarket chain Winn-Dixie is the winner of its fourth annual EnVisioneer of the Year award. Winn-Dixie, a subsidiary of Bi-Lo Holdings, is using Danfoss AK-SC 255 system controllers integrated with Danfoss Electronically Delivered Services (EDS) to improve store energy use, according to the announcement.

Jim Vannan, left, energy management director for Bi-Lo Holdings, receives the EnVisioneer of the Year Award presented to Winn-Dixie by Jim Boyle, Danfoss senior vice president, electronic controllers and services.
Jim Vannan, left, energy management director for Bi-Lo Holdings, receives the EnVisioneer of the Year Award presented to Winn-Dixie by Jim Boyle, Danfoss senior vice president, electronic controllers and services, during a ceremony at Winn-Dixie's headquarters in Jacksonville, Fla.

In a statement from Danfoss, use of the technology has helped result “in a reduction of more than 53.4 million kWh over the past two years, which equates to savings of more than $5.3 million. Less energy consumption also means that Winn-Dixie has reduced its annual carbon dioxide emissions in excess of 41,000 metric tons.”

"Danfoss launched this program to demonstrate the business value of investing in energy efficiency and environment responsibility," said John Galyen, president, Danfoss North America. "We congratulate and thank Winn-Dixie for its efforts to advance energy-efficient, sustainable solutions that support improved performance and profitability, higher standards, and lower operating costs."

HFC Refrigerants

Arkema has announced that HFC-427A (which it markets as Forane® 427A and promotes as a retrofit refrigerant) has been approved by Emerson Climate Technologies for aftermarket use with Copeland Discus™ compressors in low- and medium-temperature refrigeration applications.

Arkema also said that Emerson is updating it technical bulletins (93-11 R28 and 95-14) with 427A’s approval for aftermarket use with Copeland Discus compressors and POE oil in low-temperature Demand Cooling™ and medium-temperature refrigeration rack applications.

“Emerson’s endorsement is valued within the industry,” said Patti Conlan, marketing manager, Arkema. “Our customers have found Forane 427A refrigerant to match R-22’s capacity and efficiency closely, while reducing compressor discharge temperatures. Securing Copeland approval gives Arkema and our customers’ further confidence of the capabilities of Forane 427A refrigerant and the benefits it offers to anyone looking for a long-term retrofit solution."

HFO Refrigerants

Honeywell has announced that investments of approximately $300 million will be made by the company and key suppliers to increase production capacity for HFO-1234yf.

Among these investments, Honeywell will construct a high-volume manufacturing plant at the company’s existing Geismar, La., refrigerants manufacturing site, which is expected to be fully operational in 2016, according to a statement from the company. The exact size of the plant will depend on supply agreements that Honeywell is putting in place with major customers.

HFO-1234yf is being developed for use in automotive air conditioning. Other HFOs are being developed for use in stationary equipment.

“Demand for HFO-1234yf is increasing around the world in response to concerns about greenhouse gas emissions and the need to comply with the Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC) Directive in Europe and Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations in the U.S.,” said Andreas Kramvis, president and CEO of Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies. “After many years of analysis by the automotive industry, policymakers, and environmental groups, it is clear that HFO-1234yf is a safe, effective, and robust solution to address global warming and fuel efficiency. Honeywell’s investments will ensure adequate supply to meet growing demand.”

According to statistics supplied by Honeywell, about 500,000 vehicles using HFO-1234yf are on the road today.

Publication date: 1/27/2014