Fulton Highlights New Vertical Firetube Boiler LineNEW YORK — Fulton is featuring the new Endura™ boiler, the latest addition to its product offerings for the commercial heating market. Currently available in 1.5 MM Btuh (EDR-1500) and 2 MM Btuh (EDR-2000), it will also be offered in 1 MM Btuh (EDR-1000); 2.5 MM Btuh (EDR-2500); and 3 MM Btuh (EDR-3000) sizes.

The Endura is a vertical firetube boiler with a compact footprint, featuring duplex stainless steel three-pass heat exchanger and enhanced fireside surfaces. It offers less than 20 ppm NOx emissions, full input with 4 inch wc incoming natural gas pressure, 120V single-phase power supply, and up to 10:1 turndown capabilities. The product line has been Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI)-certified at 93.5 percent efficiency for the EDR-1500 and 93.7 percent efficiency for the EDR-2000.

The Endura boiler is equipped with a color touchscreen display with capabilities including building management system (BMS) communication and integrated sequencing for up to eight boilers.

For more information, visit www.fulton.com