RICHARDSON, Texas — EnTouch Controls, a leader in energy management services, has announced an upgrade to its system that will allow restaurants, convenience stores, and retail locations to manage all energy-critical equipment in a facility. When used with EnTouch HVAC and lighting controls, business owners can reduce energy bills by 15 percent or more and quickly react to equipment performance issues, said the company.

The EnTouch EMS can be used to monitor refrigeration temperatures and defrost cycles, as well as water and gas usage, allowing business owners to become more energy efficient, detect hidden maintenance issues, and benchmark energy performance across locations.

“Many customers initially are attracted to the energy and cost savings of the EnTouch EMS, but once they see the advantages of being alerted to critical facility problems, those benefits alone quickly become worth the cost of the system,” said Greg Fasullo, CEO of EnTouch Controls. “The new EnTouch Remote Sensor Module expands the impact on their business to reduce food spoilage, system downtime, and help keep employees safe. This is the future of EMS for these businesses.”

The new functionality is delivered via the four-port EnTouch Remote Sensor Module. This device connects up to four sensors from systems within a business and can monitor energy usage, temperature, or can act as a contact sensor to monitor door openings and closings.

The Remote Sensor Module also supports pulse input, which allows it to track water, electricity, and gas consumption. With this functionality, a restaurant can track real-time utility consumption, set benchmarks, and compare multiple facilities from a cloud-based management portal.

The Remote Sensor Module connects wirelessly to the EnTouch GM Energy Monitor, which connects to the EnTouch Cloud Service that has been upgraded to support the new data and to produce analytics related to the systems that are connected to the Remote Sensor Module.

With the EnTouch 360° managed service, a trained staff will monitor facilities, manage problem alerts, and provide reports on a 24/7 basis for the facilities team, freeing them up to be more efficient in their jobs. Critical issue resolution is also offered so that immediate action can be taken when necessary to ensure a comfortable customer environment or protect perishable goods.

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Publication date: 12/16/2013

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