My technicians constantly complain about the amount of paperwork they are required to complete. How can I help them understand why this paperwork is so important?


Jodi Peter
Jodi Peter

When technicians complain about paperwork, be sure they understand it isn’t for the company, the owners, or you as their manager. In reality, the paperwork they fill out during and after the call benefits their customers and the technicians themselves. For example, how I coach my companies looks like this:

Front of the Invoice: For the Customer — This section of the invoice documents all services rendered, contains customer guarantees, lists the payment due, etc.

Back of Invoice: For the Tech — This section is where technicians document what they used on a job to help restock their trucks. If a tech doesn’t have the parts he needs on his truck, customer satisfaction goes down, sold hours go down, tech efficiency goes down, and tech pay probably goes down. It’s a domino effect.

Summary of Findings: For the Tech — This is a tool for the technician to use with the homeowner to educate him or her on the purchase, to bundle the service offerings, and provide purchase options. It’s as important as a screwdriver, wrench, or any other tool technicians use to do their jobs.

Timesheet: For the Tech — Timesheets provide detailed records of technicians’ activities so they can be paid accurately.

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Publication date: 12/23/2013 

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