UV Resources: Commercial UVC Fixture LampsThe High-Output DEF (Double Ended Fixture) UV lamp series can be easily installed anywhere in most any HVAC system to destroy coil/drain pan microbial infestations and disinfect moving airstreams. According to the manufacturer, the High-Output series is designed to provide up to twice the UV irradiation to kill and/or degrade the toughest microorganisms and organic matter, whether surface or airborne, in the most challenging applications. The lamps feature a 120-277 V waterproof ballast design, stainless steel construction, and built-in weep holes to withstand the harshest commercial or industrial HVAC environments. Available in 22- and 34-inch versions, the lamps offer plug-and-play wiring so that installers can easily wire multiple rows, fixture to fixture, to fit within most any plenum or target surface area. DEF fixtures perform extremely well in surface irradiation applications to quickly return coil heat transfer efficiency, eliminate coil cleaning and maintenance, and improve IAQ. The lamps also are offered in a standard-
output configuration.

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