Orion Fans: Vane Axial FansDesigned to deliver airflows of up to 283 cfm in a compact package, the powerful vane axial (VXC) fans can be used in harsh, high static-pressure environments for medical, networking, and telecom equipment. The high-pressure vane axial fans feature low weight-to-output ratios, and provide a maximum static-pressure range of 0.74-1.85 inches of water (H2O) column. The fans are available in four sizes: OD1238VA (120 by 38 mm/4.7 by 1.5 inches), OD9238VA (92 by 38 mm/3.62 by 1.5 inches), OD8038VA (80 by 38 mm/3.15 by 1.5 inches), and OD6038VA (60 by 38 mm/2.36 by 1.5 inches). The IP55-rated fans are also available with numerous specialty functions such as pulse-width modulation, a tachometer, an alarm, and thermal control. The fans feature fiberglass-reinforced frames and impellers, dual ball bearings, an auto restart, and polarity-protected dc motor.

Orion Fans

eProduct 185

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