TROY, Mich. — The NEWS will host a free webinar, “Overcome the Barriers to Adoption of Secondary Glycol Refrigeration Systems,” at 1 p.m. ET on Aug. 27.

Tom Bourquin, senior product manager, electric valves & electronics, Parker Hannifin — Sporlan division, will lead the event, which will identify the key tradeoffs between glycol and direction expansion refrigeration systems, describe the options to overcome critical control limitations of glycol refrigeration systems, and compare factors that contribute to the total cost of ownership of glycol and direct expansion refrigeration systems.

Secondary glycol refrigeration systems continue to warrant investigation for application in supermarkets due to several major benefits related to corporate social responsibility and government regulation. Adoption of these systems has been limited however, due to labor intensive system balancing, control issues, and a system energy penalty. By understanding and weighing the benefits and disadvantages of secondary glycol versus direct expansion refrigeration systems, it makes it easier to calculate the total cost of ownership and it may help to eliminate some of the barriers to greater adoption of these systems.

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Publication date: 8/12/2013

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