CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As data center energy densities continue to increase, driving up energy usage, reducing data center operating costs has become a major corporate priority. One of the most effective areas for data-center cost reduction is updating and optimizing cooling fans. Rosenberg's new UNOBOX fans are designed to make data center cooling retrofits easier for both under-floor and in-cabinet applications.

The UNOBOX fan consists of a high-efficiency backward-curved motorized impeller with an electronically commutated (EC) motor mounted inside a cube-shaped cabinet with an aluminum frame and double skinned side panels. Integral inlet cones are optimized to achieve the best possible airflow and lower the noise level. Side panels are removable so that discharge is possible in different directions.

Available in seven fan sizes, 355 mm through 710 mm, and four cabinet sizes, 500 mm through 1,020 mm, the fans are designed to handle air volumes from 1,500 cfm up to 11,500 cfm depending on the static pressure.

The UNOBOX can be used singly or installed in multiples to fit the space and the air movement requirements of most data center applications.

The double-skinned galvanized steel side panels are insulated with non-flammable, noise and temperature insulating fiberglass mats. The EC motors are easily speed controllable via integrated electronics, said the company. Air volume can be adjusted to any operating point. The integrated, intelligent electronics also allow for pressure or air quality control.

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Publication date: 8/5/2013

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