Coolerado Corp.: Indirect Evaporative Cooling A/C UnitThe air conditioner cools using indirect evaporative cooling technology. The unit uses a patented process that runs fresh outside air through air filters and then a heat mass exchanger (HMX). The HMX consists of several plates of a special plastic designed to wick water evenly on one side and transfer heat through the other side. The plates are stacked on each other, separated by channel guides. The channel guides provide structure to the exchanger as well as direct air movement within the HMX. The channel guides divide the incoming airstream into product air and working air. The working air initially enters dry channels, where it is pre-cooled sensibly before it is fractioned into multiple streams which are directed into wet channels. The heat from the product air is transferred to the working air in the wet channels by means of evaporation. The heat is exhausted out the sides of the HMX and then to the atmosphere. The product airstream is completely separate from the working air and never comes in contact with a wetted surface, said the company. This process occurs multiple times in a short physical space within the exchanger, resulting in a progressively colder product and working air temperatures. According to the manufacturer, the air conditioner helps save money by reducing cooling costs and delivers fresh, cool, comfortable air without changing humidity.

Coolerado Corp.

eProduct 184

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