UPPER SADDLE RIVER, N.J. — A new book,Electricity for HVACR, by Joe Moravek, has been released by Pearson Publishers. According to the author, this book was written to help a person with no electrical experience or training to understand the operation of HVACR electrical circuits. The material does not get into the theory of electrical circuits; instead, it provides the fundamental information needed to understand and repair an HVACR system.

With the goal of teaching the reader how to correctly diagnose and solve electrical problems, Electricity for HVACR is divided into 28 progressive units, with each new unit building on content learned from the previous unit. The first units begin with fundamentals such as defining terms used in the industry. A unit on the safe use of instruments addresses how to use diagnostic tools and instruments safely. This includes information on purchasing a quality and safe voltage-measuring product. The first half of the book includes a number of units that discuss the common components found in HVACR systems. These units describe the operation of the electrical components and how to troubleshoot them.

Next, the middle content discusses the symbols and components that make up an electrical diagram. The reader is slowly taken through the process of understanding electrical diagrams. Many examples are used to explain the operating sequence of diagrams.

Units 21 through 24 describe the sequence of operation for air conditioning, gas heat, electric heat, and heat pump systems, respectively. These units apply what was learned in the preceding 20 units.

The final four units detail the troubleshooting process. Unit 25 discusses how to get started. It offers some basic techniques to help the reader apply troubleshooting skills at the beginning of the search for the problem. The book then proceeds to advanced troubleshooting.

An e-tour of the book is available here.

Publication date: 7/22/2013

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