SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. — A new Healthy Living Market opening today in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., features a Hillphoenix Second Nature® refrigeration system that runs on the natural refrigerant CO2 and food-grade glycol. About one quarter of the carbon footprint of supermarkets comes from the refrigerant gases used in their refrigeration systems. Healthy Living Market chose a Hillphoenix MTLT2 system that combines a medium temperature secondary coolant system using glycol and a low temperature CO2 secondary system.

The new store is outfitted exclusively with Hillphoenix standard and specialty cases.

“We want our customers to have a different kind of shopping experience. We take mindless grocery shopping, which is what you experience in most stores, and we make it exciting, beautiful, thought provoking, and fun,” said Eli Lesser-Goldsmith, owner and general manager, Healthy Living Market and Café. “Of course, our merchandising plays into that. This store has really beautiful cases and fantastic lighting.”

The Saratoga Springs Healthy Living Market also includes:

• Hillphoenix Clearvoyant™ LEDs: The custom light rod design of Clearvoyant has been developed to provide consistent and complete light distribution throughout the display fixture, eliminating dark spots and delivering 15 percent more lumens per watt.

• Hillphoenix Walk-Ins: The walk-ins feature improved hinges, handles, seamless jam guards, and LED lighting. The proprietary hinges lift the door by ¾ inch, putting less stress on the door components and creating a gravitational force that prevents doors from being left open. Improved door sweeps prevent damage to exterior floors, and ergonomically enhanced door handles make it easier for associates to get in and out. Seamless jam guards feature hidden fasteners that eliminate friction and potential snags.

“Working with Hillphoenix, we can definitely save energy, which is huge for us, the environment, the planet, and our customers because we can keep prices low,” said Lesser-Goldsmith.

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Publication date: 3/18/2013