Temperature-Humidity Monitoring KitWith the HOBO wireless temp/rh monitoring kit, users can monitor critical temperature and humidity conditions, log data for trend analysis, and stay notified of alarm conditions via text or email. Features include centralized monitoring straight from the desktop, alarm notifications via text or email, automated data delivery to remote locations via email or FTP, and flexible design for easy system expandability. The system sends users a text message via phone or email when temperature/rh conditions exceed set thresholds, and sends an alarm if one of the temperature/rh sensors becomes disconnected from the network. The system also provides visual notifications on the PC that an alarm has tripped. The wireless kit includes HOBOnode Manager software, a component of the HOBOware Pro software. HOBOnode Manager allows users to view near real-time energy and environmental data, set alarm notifications, and get an at-a-glance view of the system with its Network Map feature.

Onset Computer Corp.

eProduct 182