On-Off Monitoring Data LoggerMatchbox-sized, the HOBO® UX90 motor on-off logger is an LCD-display data logger for monitoring run-times of motors, pumps, compressors, and other equipment. The logger provides a simple and convenient way to record up to 340,000 equipment on-off cycle changes, and uses powerful graphing and analysis software to convert the recorded data into time- and date-stamped graphs. The logger can be used in a broad range of building performance monitoring applications, including HVACR systems diagnostics, compressed air systems monitoring, and general troubleshooting of motors, pumps, and fans. To install the logger, the installer attaches the unit to motor housings via built-in rare earth magnets — without any wiring — eliminating the need for equipment lockouts. A large LCD visually confirms logger operation and a signal strength indicator ensures proper logger placement. The software, which runs on a PC or Mac, features time-saving tools that allow users to batch-configure. The software features a Bulk Export tool that allows users to export data files to text format for use in spreadsheets and other programs. Different models are available.

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