SPOKANE, Wash. — Avista Utilities has announced its new Manufactured Home Duct Sealing Program, which enables qualifying customers in Washington to have their home’s ductwork sealed and receive other energy efficiency products at no cost. Avista said the service, a $500 value, can help customers save up to 30 percent on their energy bill. The program is scheduled to run through the end of June 2013.

“Stopping heated or cooled air from escaping your home is an immediate way to reduce energy use and increase your comfort. Ductwork is typically located in a crawl space or attic, so a manufactured home could be leaking air without the resident realizing it. And that drives up energy bills,” said Chris Drake, Avista energy efficiency program manager.

To qualify for the free Manufactured Home Duct Sealing Program, a resident must be an Avista electric or natural gas customer in Washington living in a manufactured home that:

• is heated primarily by a forced air furnace;

• has ductwork outside the heated space (in attic or crawl space);

• is the customer’s year-round residence, not a vacation home; and

• the customer owns or has permission from their landlord to participate in the program.

Avista has teamed up with UCONS LLC to administer the program and perform the sealing work. As part of the service to Avista customers, UCONS will also install compact fluorescent light bulbs and leave customers with a free standard air filter replacement and efficient, high-performance showerhead.

UCONS representatives will be going door-to-door to manufactured homes with information to discuss the free service with Avista’s Washington customers. Qualifying customers can also call UCONS at 800-657-0135 to schedule a visit or for more information.

Information on other energy efficiency programs and energy management tools for residential, commercial, and industrial customers is available at www.avistautilities.com.

Publication date: 2/11/2013