Jes Munk Hansen, CEO of Grundfos
Jes Munk Hansen, CEO of Grundfos, talks about the company’s newest product, MAGNA3 — an energy-efficient circulator that debuted Monday morning at the AHR Expo.
DALLAS — Grundfos unveiled its newest product, the energy-efficient MAGNA3 circulator pump, Monday morning at the AHR Expo in Dallas.

“Today, we are introducing an ambition,” said Grundfos CEO Jes Munk Hansen. “(It) will set new standards for the heat pump industry.”

Grundfos president Dennis Wierzbicki
Grundfos president Dennis Wierzbicki, left, speaks about the company’s newest energy-efficient circulator, MAGNA3, while Grundfos CEO Jes Munk Hansen, right, looks on.

The circulator, which boasts the highest energy-efficiency rating achievable, features an AUTOADAPT feature that “learns” the varying energy-usage patterns over time, which allows the pump to determine the lowest possible operating-efficiency point.

“We truly believe the MAGNA3 will define the industry,” Grundfos president Dennis Wierzbicki said. “It’s the beginning of a concept.”