Acid Elimination KitThe AB-100CS Acid-Buster™ Injection Kit is designed to bond with acids without forming chemical byproducts and prevents acid build-up in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Use of the injector requires only one connection to add acid scavenging solution into the system. The injector overcomes system pressure even on high-pressure R-410A systems. The solution is compatible with all refrigerants and lubricants, works fast, and circulates quickly without harming system components. The Acid-Buster cartridges are prefilled, so there are no messy spills or wasted solution, and are calibrated to provide precise dosing. In addition to the two AB-5CS cartridges and injectors, the kit includes a hose assembly with check valve and ¼-inch flare low-loss fitting. All components come in a clamshell package.

Spectronics Corp.

eProduct 191