MISSISSAUGA, Ontario — Regulations restricting the handling of transportation of class 1 ozone depleting substances (CFCs) came into effect in Ontario on July 1, 2012.

Since that date, all CFCs have been designated as wastes, and as such, contractors removing end-of-life CFCs from refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and wholesalers collecting, handling, and storing CFCs are required to comply with R.R.O. Regulation 347, General — Waste Management.

CFCs are now considered hazardous waste and requirements in Regulation 347, requiring end-users to register as a waste generator, the contractor to register as a hazardous waste carrier, and the receiver to become a waste receiving facility, must be met. Contractors are now required to complete a waste manifest to properly transport CFCs under Regulation 347. These requirements not only involve a great deal of paperwork, but also annual registration fees, manifest fees, and tonnage fees. For more information, call April Gucciardo at 800-267-2231.

Publication date: 12/3/2012