DALLAS, TX — The exhibitors around the Multiauqa booth wanted whatever they were having.

If the high volume of traffic going to this company’s booth surprised the surrounding exhibitors, the company’s employees were overwhelmed by it.

“I was just going to hand out literature, but we have been so busy, I had a crash course on selling the systems the first morning of the show,” said Maria Feria, vp of Multiaqua. “The high level of interest in our system has been amazing.”

So what is the system that was drawing a steady stream of people to the booth (even during the later hours when traffic slowed show-wide)? Answer: The Multiaqua chilled-water system.

How it works

Multiaqua is an air-cooled chiller system designed to satisfy the requirements of the global residential and commercial markets. Available in 3-, 4-, and 5-ton cooling capacities, it is a self-contained unit with no add-on modules or additional assembly to make chilled water.

It works using the basic refrigeration cycle, with R-22 refrigerant circulating through the system. However, the closed refrigerant system does away with the need for installation technicians who are certified to handle refrigerants. No refrigerant lines are needed and there is no need to charge the refrigerant.

“The installer has to hook up the power, hook up the water, and turn the chiller on,” said president Ralph Feria. “It’s that simple. There is no welding required to put the system in.”

There is no need for ductwork, as the system uses small, flexible water pipes running through the space within the walls.

A variety of indoor fancoils can be paired with the chiller to provide zoned cooling, allowing for conditioning of only the spaces the system designer designates, as opposed to the whole house.

Old, but new to U.S.

This is the first season the system is being sold in the U.S. However, it has been sold and distributed in Latin America for the past 11 years.

That means, according to Ralph Feria, that the system has already been proven to be effective and can move confidently into the U.S. market.

Distribution of the product is already set up across 26 states and in 324 stores along the Sunbelt. There are definite plans to expand, and Feria feels the high interest at the show is a good indication for a bright future. The company can be reached at 898 S.W. 173 Ave., Pembroke Pines, FL 33029; or by calling 954-431-1300.