CARROLLTON, Texas — Daikin AC (Americas) Inc. has announced the launch of a new, high-tech learning management system for Daikin AC University that the company says personalizes the way its customers — from engineers to contractors — learn about comfort heating and cooling. Daikin’s new software system, made by Meridian Knowledge Solutions, gives those who buy and recommend Daikin equipment access to instructional videos, online collaboration, classroom instruction, and webinars. Courses include product application and design, installation, service and troubleshooting, business courses, and sales training.

“Our goal is delivering learning, in a wide array of formats, that’s tailored to exactly what someone needs to do their job,” said Kelly Mandrick, training manager for Daikin AC (Americas) Inc. “That learner might be an architect specifying a product or a dealer trying to educate his or her employees about refrigerants.”

To satisfy the educational needs of its customers, Daikin said its new learning management system allows each student to establish customized objectives upon enrolling in Daikin AC University. After creating an account online, the student can prompt the system to set up goals, recommend courses, and periodically assess progress. As the student completes courses and programs, whether online or at one of Daikin’s more than 20 training centers across North America, the learning management system tracks the results and generates progress reports, transcripts, and certificates.

The Daikin AC University website gives contractors, dealers, salespeople, engineers, and architects access to more than 350 online, on-demand courses; pre-recorded webinars; and classroom courses for free as well as a fee. And the learning management system’s online course catalog is designed to display its educational offerings equally well on a desktop or mobile device.

“The learning management system we’ve put in place offers the industry’s best courses, including those that are proprietary to Daikin,” said Mandrick. “It also lets people track and build upon what they learn each and every time they return.”

For more information about Daikin AC University, visit

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Publication date: 12/10/2012