PHILADELPHIA — The ACE Group has announced the release of an environmental advisory entitled, “Legionella and Mold: Construction and Renovation Risks at Healthcare Facilities,” which explores the potential risks of pollutants, such as mold and legionella, that hospitals and healthcare facilities can experience during renovation or construction projects. The advisory examines ways to help mitigate these risks and suggests why healthcare facilities should consider a comprehensive, proactive approach to maintenance and planning for construction projects to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of high quality and safe care.

William P. Hazelton, executive vice president, ACE Environmental Risk, said, “This advisory addresses a matter of critical importance to those involved with healthcare facility construction projects. Our goal is to assist them in designing a comprehensive approach to the management of potential pollutant risks and exposures.”

The advisory was co-authored by Jack Frost, assistant vice president, ACE Environmental Risk; Steve Piatkowski, vice president, ACE Environmental Risk; and Frank Westfall, vice president, ESIS Health, Safety and Environmental Services.

The advisory explains how building projects at healthcare facilities need to be carefully planned and managed. “By thorough, careful, and proactive risk planning and compliance, healthcare facilities managers can help keep infrastructure up-to-date while protecting their patients, staff, reputation, and bottom line from future pollutant risks,” said Westfall.

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Publication date: 11/19/2012