Energy Usage Data Meter GatewayThe Power Xpert® Gateway 200E gateway collects energy usage data from meters, enabling customers to benchmark energy usage, set energy management goals, determine the effectiveness of energy management initiatives, and reduce energy costs. The gateway reports on energy usage at the device, building, and campus levels, indicating energy usage trends and developing a baseline to enable customers to maximize energy efficiency. Enabling customers to measure and verify energy usage, the gateway acquires data that can be instrumental in helping both existing and new buildings take advantage of government incentives, the company said. Customers can use the data from the Power Xpert 200E gateway for existing buildings to obtain the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star® label, and new buildings to earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design credits through the U.S. Green Building Council. The gateway is engineered to be used as a data acquisition tool for serially communicating energy meters — through an embedded web server or to connect to Ethernet-based applications — including enterprise management, demand response, and smart grid programs. With the company’s digital input module, the 200E gateway can also monitor water, air, gas, electric, and steam meters.

Eaton Corp.

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