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Course Title: Residential air leakage training w/ intro to large building testing

Sponsoring Organization: Retrotec

Date: Nov. 15

Location: Chicago

Course Description: The course is designed for both HVAC contractors and building officials. The class will teach contractors how to troubleshoot all of the problems an air leakage tester will face, and how the top HVAC companies use codes to give them an advantage over low price installations. Building officials will learn how to correctly inspect for duct and house leakage to meet new code requirements.

Modules include new energy codes — how to pass, set up the building, read end results from the gauge, measure leakage in residential homes and ducts, perform field calibration checks, and troubleshoot problems.

The course will be followed by a special introduction to large building testing opportunities.

Course Title: NEBB’s Sound and Vibration Certified Professional Seminar

Sponsoring Organization: National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB)

Date: Nov. 12-15

Location: San Leandro, Calif.

Course Description: The seminar is intended for firms interested in achieving NEBB certification in sound and/or vibration measurement and other firms currently certified in sound and/or vibration seeking in-depth instruction in vibration measurement procedures. Attendees should be individuals who will play a key role in the vibration measurement process within their firms, are at the management level, and can qualify as NEBB Certified Professionals in Sound and/or Vibration Measurement. In addition, candidates for Certified Professionals must pass (or have passed) the fundamentals portion of the written TAB qualification examination. Qualified Sound and/or Vibration Certified Professionals who need to fulfill the practical vibration exam requirements have the option of attending the vibration portion of the seminar only and taking the optional practical exam, or the practical exam only.

Publication date: 10/22/2012