SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Meline Engineering Corp., along with members of the California Geothermal Heat Pump Lobby Coalition, sent a request to Gov. Jerry Brown’s office recently for AB 2339 to be signed into law after a being passed in the Senate with a 36-0 vote, and then returned to the Assembly where it passed with 79-0 vote.

AB 2339, introduced by Assembly Members Das Williams and V. Manuel Perez states: “This bill would require the Energy Commission, by July 1, 2013, in consultation with the Public Utilities Commission, State Air Resources Board, and other stakeholders, to evaluate and recommend policies and implementation strategies to overcome barriers to the widespread deployment and use of geothermal heat pump and geothermal ground loop technologies.”

Meline Engineering Corp. is a licensed mechanical engineering consulting firm located in Sacramento. For the past 17 years, Meline Engineering has provided energy efficient mechanical system designs for commercial and residential buildings and is considered a West Coast industry leader in designing geothermal heat pump systems.

Publication date: 10/1/2012