ARLINGTON, Va. — ACCA has scheduled a special lunch session, “Taking the ‘Sting’ Out of the Media,” during its fifth annual Service Managers Forum, Oct. 11-12 in Austin, Texas. Sponsored by Davisware, this special session will feature Robert (Bobby) Ring, owner, Meyer & Depew Co., Kenilworth, N.J., who served as the contractor expert for the “Today” show’s undercover “sting” operation, which exposed several technicians using some seemingly unethical techniques when called to a customer’s home. The “sting” was re-broadcast on Sunday, Aug. 19, in an extended format on NBC’s Dateline.

During this session, Ring will lead a conversation on how service managers and contractors can use the experience to enhance employee training and improve customer service. He will share how and why he decided to participate in the program, as well as the parts of the program that the viewing public did not see.

“I was glad to work with NBC to help educate the public about what they should look for in a quality contractor,” said Ring. “I was very disappointed by those contractors who did not seem to be doing the right thing. However, now that the segment has aired twice, contractors need to take advantage of it and use it to ensure that their team members don’t get caught in this type of situation. During this special session I will share ideas for how contractors can use this to train their team and open up the conversation for attendees to share their ideas and ask their questions so we can all grow as an industry.”

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Publication date: 9/17/2012