Heating BoilerAvailable in four standard boiler models — CDN040, CDN070, CDN100, and CDN120 — with gas inputs ranging from 40,000 to 120,000 Btuh, the compact, wall-mount modulating/condensing heating boiler can handle the heating load for almost any home, said the company. In addition, the 120,000-Btuh combination unit offers both hydronic space heating and domestic water heating capabilities, and is equipped with a separate heat exchanger that delivers 3.0 gpm of domestic hot water at a 70° temperature rise. The fully modulating burner adjusts the firing rate of the boiler to match the heat loss of the home, reducing burner cycling and increasing overall system efficiency. The boiler offers 95 percent AFUE efficiency. Equipped with a push-button digital control, the boiler offers a constant display of actual output temperature and allows for easy adjustment of the setpoint. The unit can be installed with a wide variety of venting configurations, including vertical or sidewall direct venting.

Cadet™ Heating Boiler

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