MILWAUKEE — Telkonet Inc. announced the results of an EcoSmart energy management system installation that has provided quick, significant savings for the Ramada Conference Center Lewiston/Auburn in Maine.

Telkonet supplied EcoInsight and EcoWave intelligent thermostats as well as EcoView occupancy sensors to the Thayer Corp. to install in guestrooms. Thayer, a commercial HVAC contractor, also installed EcoSmart energy management technology on four rooftop units, to control equipment runtime in the lobby, dining area, lounge, and portions of the hotel’s sizable conference facilities.

Dan Thayer, president of Thayer Corp., appreciated the programming flexibility and ease of installation offered by the EcoSmart solution. “To prevent housekeeping or maintenance from tripping sensors in unoccupied spaces, thermostats can enter an Unsold Profile from the EcoCentral management platform,” he said. “This ensures the setback temperature will remain in place to prevent units from turning on and off unnecessarily.

“The ZigBee modules in each thermostat unit provide the necessary power to communicate through brick-and-concrete walls and ceilings, and made installation simple,” Thayer added.

Thayer completed the installation in November 2011. With travelers spending only 35 percent of their hotel stay in the guestrooms, the Ramada avoided 71,734 hours of excessive HVAC runtime to save 144,553 kWh over just six months. With commercial electric rates in Maine at 11.64 cents/kWh according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, this resulted in considerable savings for the property.

George Gendron, owner of the Ramada, is pleased with the savings, the expert HVAC knowledge of Thayer, and the capability of the EcoSmart energy management system. “EcoSmart maximized HVAC efficiency just as Telkonet promised it would,” Gendron said. “In six short months, we’ve improved guest comfort, minimized the carbon footprint of our hotel, and trimmed the electric bill substantially.”

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Publication date: 9/3/2012