Whole-House HumidifierModel 4000 Large Bypass WaterSaver Humidifier expands the line of Coleman® Echelon™ humidifiers. A patented water delivery system features a small float chamber that eliminates the need for a reservoir in the whole-house humidifier. A wicking water panel wicks water from the bottom of the panel toward the top in a sponge-like action, allowing 100 percent of the water in the unit to be used in the evaporation process. According to the manufacturer, no more than 8 ounces of water remains in the system at any given time. Features include quick left-right bypass conversion and reversible housing, non-metal housing that inhibits rust and corrosion under normal operating conditions, humidifier pad, and a scale control insert that efficiently traps mineral deposits. The new humidifier is suitable for a variety of applications, including homes with septic systems, older drum-style humidifiers, and no floor drains.

Johnson Controls Inc.

eProduct 184