Classroom Energy Recovery VentilatorAn alternative to belt-driven energy recovery ventilators (ERV) is the GreenCube™, an energy recovery ventilator that, except for the air movers, has no moving parts. The GreenCube is an enthalpy plate energy exchanger that recovers both sensible (heat) and latent (moisture) energies from one airstream and transfers it to another in a cross-flow arrangement. The ERV consists of the heat exchanger, two MERV type 6 filters to filter the incoming and exhaust airstreams, and two fan speed controllers. The fan speed controllers permit the intake and exhaust air blowers to be independently controlled. The typical setup is to have slightly more exhaust air than intake air to provide positive pressurization of the classroom, said the company. Features include a bactericide desiccant that inhibits the growth of mold or bacteria. The unit will operate down to 10°F (-12°C) without a defrost mechanism, and has certified performance rated to ARI standard 1060-2005. The GreenCube ERV is available in selected models of the Scholar III and Classic heat pumps and air conditioners.

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