EVERETT, Wash. — Fluke Corp. has announced an expansion of its U.S. service options with Fluke® CarePlans, a series of extended warranty and calibration packages for users of its handheld test tools. The Gold and Silver CarePlan packages offer comprehensive priority service and support, including extended factory calibration, extended warranties, and expedited shipping for 170 different Fluke tools.

With CarePlans, users can for the first time obtain Fluke calibration services and repairs directly from their regular distributor, said the company.

Priority Gold CarePlans are annual calibration and full warranty programs for comprehensive repairs that extend two years beyond the factory warranty. They feature:

• Expedited first priority service.

• No wait time with automatic RMA process and no purchase order required.

• Faster total turnaround time with immediate service at lab.

• Price range is $100 up to $1,000 depending on product type — 40 percent less than the average cost of a one-time calibration through Fluke.

Silver CarePlans are two-year extensions of the standard warranty featuring:

• Expedited first priority service.

• No purchase order required.

• Prices range from $55 to $400 — 10 percent of what an average, one-time Fluke repair costs.

“These CarePlans are about convenience and quality,” said Clare Grehofsky, director of Fluke Service. “Our new CarePlan packages provide greater convenience and value, along with peace of mind for Fluke handheld test tool users.”

CarePlans are available for purchase within four months after the initial product purchase and may not be renewed. For more information, visit the Fluke Service and Support page at http://us.flukecal.com/products/service-and-support?geoip=1.

Publication date: 7/23/2012