HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Greenway Design Group Inc. announced that it has launched a new dealer program to gain more widespread distribution of its Cool-n-Save commercial HVAC energy-saving system.

According to the company, Cool-n-Save uses pre-cool evaporation to achieve a significant decrease in energy use in air conditioning systems. Field studies in Nevada and Costa Rica indicate that Cool-n-Save evaporative pre-cooling systems have the capability to achieve energy cost savings as high as 30 percent, with an average savings of about 26 percent, while air conditioning during peak seasons. Cool-n-Save is last years’ winner of the TechAmerica/Harvey Mudd College green engineering award.

The company’s new dealer program offers an exclusive supply agreement (ESA) for dealers in specific geographic areas, industry segments, or that have large-scale commercial contracts. Partner dealers that qualify for the ESA program also make a significant investment in terms of training, marketing, sales, and servicing the Cool-n-Save commercial systems. The ESA partnership offers dealers special discounts, preferential delivery for equipment and supplies, and special marketing support.

“We designed the ESA program as reward to our best commercial dealers,” said Ben Lefrancois, Greenway’s president and chairman of the board. “These are our partner dealers; individuals and organizations that have demonstrated a willingness to go above and beyond the norm. They are active sales organizations with a portfolio of pre-established business and a specific plan to deliver large contracts quickly. ESA is a partnership for mutual growth; everybody wins.”

According to Lefrancois, the ESA program has been in development for almost a year. “It started with our first large installations in the U.S., but really took off when we signed up dealers outside the country,” he said. With commercial dealers in most of the Sunbelt states in the U.S. and dealers in Asia and South and Central America, the company said that its first ESA dealers are located in Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Mexico, South Korea, and India.

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Publication date: 7/9/2012