RICHARDSON, Texas — Oncor has awarded the University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) with a $98,371 cash incentive for replacing older cooling equipment with energy-efficient HVAC equipment in its Supplemental Utility Plant and residence halls. The cash incentive recognizes the university’s efforts and participation in Oncor’s Educational Facilities Program.

Oncor sponsors the Educational Facilities Program to help educate K-12 schools, colleges, and universities about energy efficiency and to fund energy-reduction measures as part of its objective to lower energy use. The program provides educational material, technical assistance, and monetary incentives to schools to help minimize energy usage and encourage infrastructure improvements.

“Colleges and universities today are aggressively pursuing all possible resources to ensure we meet the needs of our students,” said Dr. Calvin Jamison, vice president for administration at UT Dallas. “The university is focused on retrofitting our older buildings with more energy-efficient technology while at the same time building new facilities that are more energy efficient than building codes require. It just makes good business sense to participate in programs that help us save energy and then reward us for our efforts.”

In addition to providing cash incentives to universities like UT Dallas that are proactively upgrading and designing campuses to make them more energy efficient, Oncor also offers free energy planning to all schools, colleges, and universities in its service area. Oncor works with participating campuses to identify energy-saving measures at existing facilities and incorporate efficient design into new construction.

“UT Dallas has been vigilant in its efforts to take advantage of the programs offered by Oncor,” said Barry Young, Oncor area manager. “These have not only resulted in cash incentives being awarded to the campus but more importantly, sustainable energy savings that reduce energy bills month after month. In fact, we are very excited to learn that the university will establish a revolving energy-efficiency fund, supported by incentive dollars, to be used for additional energy-efficiency upgrades across the campus resulting in even more annual savings going forward.”

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Publication date: 7/9/2012