STANFORD, Calif. — Stanford University announced that it is offering a new professional certificate program in renewable energy. The online program, Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies, explores various emerging renewable energy technologies.

“Determining which technologies work and can be brought to market mass-scale is an urgent challenge for engineers and businesses,” said Michael McGehee, associate professor of materials science and engineering and the academic director of the certificate program. “This is an exciting time to be in the energy field.” McGehee is joined by professors Yi Cui, Mark Zoback, and other lead faculty from the schools of engineering and of earth sciences.

Program participants, including engineers, product developers, and others, will gain a greater understanding of the entire energy landscape and the fundamentals of how emerging technologies work. They will also learn about opportunities to develop and market new technologies. The program requires the completion of four courses from a portfolio of six or more courses covering topics including photovoltaics, solar energy, biofuels, batteries, and shale gas.

Stanford is a leader in distance learning delivered by the Stanford Center for Professional Development. Courses can be taken by viewing streaming video and completing course requirements and exams. Participants who successfully complete the program receive a professional certificate in Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies. For more information and to enroll, visit

Publication date: 7/2/2012