hydronic systemCompany: Appleby Plumbing (Old Saybrook, Conn.)

Customer: Sharon Baker (Old Saybrook, Conn.)

Installation: One Noritz NH150-DV wall-hung tankless hydronic boiler and two Noritz NRC98-DV condensing tankless water heaters.

Completion: December 2011

Objective: Install a hydronic space-heating and domestic hot water system inside a three-bedroom ranch home.

Work Completed: In this floodplain community, basement mechanical rooms have proven problematic. The contractor was challenged to provide desired comfort without sacrificing usable living and storage space. The wall-hung Noritz tankless hydronic boiler, which boasts a thermal rating of 82.8 percent and weighs just 66 pounds, and two condensing tankless water heaters, which supply 17 gallons per minute (gpm) each, were located in the home’s attic. The system is designed to meet the homeowner’s needs, which include supplying a whirlpool tub equipped with a 13-gpm flow rate.

“Weight is a huge consideration in placing heating equipment in an attic. Even though we were able to hang the equipment on the studs, this strategy automatically eliminated cast iron boilers, as well as any boiler with
a high-water volume.”
- Chuck Appleby, installer, Appleby Plumbing

Publication date: 06/25/2012