the Brady family
Brady is a family-oriented business, led by (left to right) Jim Brady, president, and wife Louise Brady; Mary Gay H. Brady, wife of founder Don Brady; Adrienne Brady, Joe Brady’s wife; and Joe Brady, executive vice president.

RALEIGH, N.C. — Brady recently received the 2012 Family Business of the Year award in the medium-sized business category from the Wake Forest Family Business Center.

The award recognizes the achievements of family-owned businesses and their contributions to the communities they serve.

“What makes a family-owned business stand out is a commitment to ethics, valuing vendors, associates, and customers alike, and active participation in the community,” said Burney Jennings, president of a local restaurant chain, who nominated Brady for the honor. “Brady is one of the best examples I have seen and is well deserving of recognition as a 2012 Family Business of the Year.”

In addition to success, entries were judged on criteria that included innovative business strategies and practices; business growth and new development; contributions to community and industry; involvement by different family members and generations; and commitment to family well-being.

“While we have worked hard to advance our business structure with metrics and measurements, our family values have remained the cornerstone of our organization,” said Jim Brady, president, Brady. “We never want to lose that focus, and continue to use it as the foundation to build upon.”

Publication date: 6/18/2012