A/C Overflow Shut-Off SwitchModel SS700E has been added to the Safe-T-Switch® electronic condensate overflow control switch line. The switch is designed for easy installation in new or retrofit situations to protect home and commercial building owners from costly damage due to condensate overflow. The SS700E’s logic circuit continuously samples the probes for water and will shut down the system if water is detected. Onboard LEDs indicate the condition of the unit at a glance, removing any guesswork, and will automatically reset once the water subsides. The switches also offer a/c specialists an easy way to ensure customer satisfaction and reduce potential liability. The switch includes reliable, low power-consuming, state-of-the-art microelectronics and is code-compliant — tested to UL-508. It is designed to fit in the auxiliary drain pan; it does not need to be mounted to the pan and eliminates screws and clips. The multiple position options on the brackets provide adjustable height options. The rustproof stainless steel adds to the unmatched reliability of the switch. The new bracket is great for use with plastic overflow pans with round edges.

RectorSeal® Corp.

eProduct 188