overflow shutoff switchesModels SS103E and SS500EP of the Safe-T-Switch® condensate overflow shutoff switches provide reliable operation, water damage protection, diagnostics, and monitoring of commercial and residential air conditioning systems and their condensate drains. They feature electronic probe sensors and an onboard LED display. The SS103E offers the flexibility of vertical, horizontal, or in-line installation, and includes a ¾-inch adapter, bushing, and cap. The SS500EP features the new electronic sensor probe and LED indicator and is UL-2043 plenum-rated. Both patented switches’ microelectronics logic circuits continuously sample via dual-sensor probes and determine whether moisture presence is transient or permanent, the latter of which shuts down the system and sounds an alarm. The LED displays for the SS103E and SS500EP expedite on-site diagnostics with three LED-colored lights: Red means the unit is shutdown, yellow means a shutdown event occurred within four days; and green means no shutdown occurrence. The SS103E’s removable cap allows easy access for contaminant cleaning and chemical treatments.

RectorSeal® Corp.

eProduct 185