Radiant Heating PipeRadiant Heating Pipe X-Pert S5® is made with Dowlex™ 2344 polyethylene copolymer resin, which offers the traditional benefits of polyethylene resin along with excellent high-temperature resistance. The result is the next generation of radiant heating pipe, the company said. The pipe delivers excellent long-term hydrostatic design strength, without the need for cross-linking. This increases flexibility, resulting in potential installation savings. It also has excellent surface smoothness for improved flow properties. The five-layer pipe consists of a layer of ethylene vinyl alcohol polymer (EVOH) sandwiched between two layers of polyethylene copolymer resin and two layers of adhesive. This structure provides the outstanding long-term hydrostatic design strength demanded by hydronic heating applications, the company said. The outer layer of X-Pert S5 also provides a protective shield for the oxygen barrier. This ensures that the radiant heating system has the best protection available against oxidation due to oxygen permeation of the piping system.

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