LOS ANGELES — With Southern California’s hot summer days around the corner, guests at the historic Mayfair Hotel in downtown Pomona will be able to stay cool with the installation of new air conditioning units.

The hotel has been on the northeast corner of Third and Garey in downtown Pomona since 1915, first as the Avis, then as the Edgar, and finally as the Mayfair in 1932. Clark Gable is said to have dined at the hotel’s restaurant. The vertical hotel sign and fire escapes are reminders that this five-story brick building is an historical icon. In fact, the official landmark was given protective status by the Pomona City Council.

However, the Mayfair Hotel has been empty for most of the past two decades following a fire in 1990. The property was recently purchased by an entrepreneur who has been renovating the hotel. A Subcool Air Conditioning took on the challenging project of installing new air conditioning units.

“The five-story hotel required installation of 21 split air conditioning units and seven Samsung multi-zone heat pump condensers that would run a total of 20 wall mounted air handling units,” said Ara Esagholian, CEO and president of A Subcool Air Conditioning Inc. “We had to keep up with the fast paced construction. All the air conditioning equipment with refrigerant line sets needed to be installed and tested for leaks before the drywall was installed. In addition, 31 bathroom exhaust vents had to go straight to the roof through the fire rated shaft. This by itself was a huge hurdle to overcome.”

Although the job proved to be challenging, A Subcool Air Conditioning completed the complicated job successfully. The company’s staff includes experts in mechanical engineering with many years of experience.

“Installers need to consider all the aspects of design components, such as air distribution, peripheral parts, and the whole system requirements, which must all match accurately,” said Esagholian. “If installed correctly, the system will work properly, deliver the optimum cool and heating efficiencies, extend the life expectancy of equipment, and keep operating costs down.”

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Publication date: 04/16/2012