geothermal/water-source heat pumpDesigned for any room without ductwork, such as in hotels and classrooms, the Envision™ Series Low Sill Console geothermal/water-source heat pump has large face, rifled copper tubes, and enhanced corrugated lanced aluminum fins, which provide high efficiencies at low face velocities. The optional FormShield™ Plus coating offers added protection against formicary corrosion. According to the manufacturer, the unit’s single-speed R-410A rotary compressor features the capability of extreme loop temperature operation. A coaxial heat exchanger, oversized and convoluted with a copper inner tube and steel outer tube, is designed for maximum heat transfer at normal and low water flow rates to minimize pressure drop. Available in 0.75–1-ton capacities, the Low Sill Console features ½-inch copper female pipe thread (FPT) waterline connections that protrude from the end of the chassis. The Compressor Control Module (CCM) comes standard on the Low Sill Console, offering a more reliable replacement for electromechanical systems. An optional full-featured Versatec Microprocessor Control with expanded unit sensors is also available.

WaterFurnace International

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