Laars Mighty StackCHICAGO — Laars is introducing the new Mighty Stack volume water heater. According to the company, the contractor-friendly design combines the Mighty Therm 2 boiler with an 80-gallon storage tank resulting in 199, 300, and 399 MBH sizes fueled by natural or propane gas.

With less than 10 ppm NOx emissions, the sealed-combustion Mighty Stack offers 83 percent thermal efficiency and meets low lead requirements.

This light commercial product is designed for apartments, restaurants, hotels, laundries, schools, businesses, and large homes. Key benefits include its small footprint, a removable upper boiler section for easy handling, common venting and up to 50 feet of Category I or III venting. The rugged steel cabinet allows the Mighty Stack to be installed inside or outside, says the company.

Standard components include tank aquastat, pressure relief valve, hot surface pilot ignition, and an integral induced-draft fan to allow for either horizontal or vertical venting. The unit is factory pre-assembled, then operationally tested to ensure trouble-free start up with no field adjustments required.

The Mighty Stack meets ASHRAE 90.1 requirements. Laars offers a five-year tank and 10-year heat exchanger warranty.

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