energy management softwareThe advanced Building Portfolio energy management software leverages cloud computing and wirelessly communicating smart thermostats to deliver control through a single web interface that supports mobile devices running iPhone and Android. Available through subscription services, the Zigbee-based smart building software offers building owners, facility managers, and portfolio managers an HVAC retrofit solution with complete monitoring, command, and control. By taking advantage of cloud computing and wireless communication, the EMS offers scalability to remotely manage energy usage across an entire building portfolio or at a single site. The new version introduces advanced energy-saving technologies, enabling building operators to quickly identify thermostats in override and remotely adjust temperature. Version 2.6 includes a variety of new features. The default schedule and profile logic and propagation support functionality allows the Incenergy Platform to reliably propagate schedules from the current month forward to the next month, thereby removing the necessity of users to manually schedule thermostats beyond the first month of service. The customer override report allows customers to request a report be emailed to them in CSV format. The report details comfort set point override requests for a specified selection of thermostats within
a specified set of dates.

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