damperThe Iris damper is a simple solution for fast and exact air balancing and measurement of airflow. It is ideal for supply and exhaust tracking control, individual comfort control, and any space requiring accurate airflow regulation, the company says. Applications for the damper include office buildings, pharmaceuticals, clean room environments, and laboratories. Its unique design allows for airflow to be measured and controlled at a single station, thus saving time and money in initial installation and commissioning. According to the manufacturer, it is the best choice for applications requiring air balance on a regular basis. Features include accurate air balancing to ±5 percent, single station measurement and control, interlocking galvanized or 316 stainless steel plate construction, and capacities ranging from 15 to 20,000 cfm. The damper is available in 10 sizes: 4- through 32-inch diameter. It is fully retractable for duct cleaning. An eight-page Iris damper application guide to assist with the selection and application of the dampers is available. The application guide provides principles of operation, application considerations, performance data, technical data, and guide specifications.

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