ball valveRedesigned, the PC585-70 cast bronze ball valve features a new design that allows a leak to occur during testing, if the press connection is not properly crimped. According to the manufacturer, the design provides immediate results in a testing environment. The new design of the O-ring with the valve allows the valve to visibly leak during testing, if the connection is not crimped. By designing a leak path into the valve connection, uncrimped joints can be identified during testing, preventing potential damage to the building after project completion. The ball valve features threaded-in female press-to-connect end connections with an inboard bead and interface O-rings for fast and easy connection to the piping system. Properly applying pressure from a press-fit tool tightens the O-ring onto the tube, ensuring a clean, permanent, watertight seal in seconds, with no flame, solder, or flux, the company says. When properly crimped, a unique “N” witness mark is clearly visible. The new ball valve is designed for connection to rigid copper tubing in applications that include domestic hot and cold water, HVAC, and process water. The two-piece ball valve body is manufactured from dezincification-resistant bronze, with a blowout-proof stem. With the full port design and chrome/nickel-plated brass ball, the valve allows maximum flow and minimum pressure drop or turbulence with unobstructed bidirectional flow. The lever handle provides convenient quarter-turn operation and bubble-tight shutoff at 250 psi. Sizes for the valve range from ½ to 2 inches. Stainless steel trim is an option, and optional handles are also available.


eProduct 191