boilersThe zero-side-clearance LX-300 on-demand steam generator achieves a 9-ppm ultra-low NOx emissions performance. According to the manufacturer, the innovation also brings its entire line of LX boilers into the ultra-low NOx emissions performance category. The on-demand performance of the modular boilers makes a multiple installation of LX-300’s particularly well suited for larger-scale facilities and district-energy plants seeking superior thermal energy management customized for their specific demand profile, says the company. The benchmark of ultra-low 9-ppm NOx emissions performance for the LX-300 also now provides larger-scale facilities and district-energy plants with a major advantage in complying with NOx emissions rules, especially in regions where regulations are the most severe. In addition to reducing emissions and saving fuel and water, the once-through fin-tube design enables the company’s boilers to go from a cold start to full steam in five minutes (or less). The use of advanced computer-control technology ensures optimum boiler efficiency by constantly monitoring multiple boiler components to maintain peak performance. The diagnostics interface with the ER monitoring system, an energy dashboard that provides 24/7 status and optimization of boiler operation. The ER monitoring system also provides Internet connectivity so that full boiler status — including all data, alarms, and troubleshooting information — can be viewed online remotely via PC or a IP-connected mobile device such as a PDA, smart phone, or a tablet computer.

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